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Bay Street Complex hits the 1 million visitors mark since the beginning of 2022

One million people have officially visited Bay Street Complex since the start of 2022. This success continues to establish Bay Street Complex as the ideal family and touristic destination hosting a mix of entertainment, hospitality, and shopping outlets for all to enjoy.

This comes following last year’s revamp and restructuring of what’s now becoming an iconic location in the heart of Malta’s touristic paradise, St Julian’s, with an investment of over €14 million by Bay Street Group.

“We are delighted to see that the public is finding a home in Bay Street Complex. The team behind Bay Street Group and the tenants occupying the several commercial spots at Bay Street Complex have been working hard to ensure that the complex keeps offering a first-rate experience for all the family to enjoy. The one million footfall mark in just 5 months, especially after a period of two years battling a pandemic that pushed many businesses to have to close their doors, gives us the kind of reassurance that despite it all, Bay Street Complex  has experienced a growth of 21% over the same period during 2019 and is still seen as the ideal family destination by both locals as well as tourists,” said the Marketing Manager of the Bay Street Group, Paula Camilleri.

Bay Street has evolved from one of Malta’s prime shopping complexes into a fully-fledged destination, offering a variety of dining and entertainment experiences as well as shopping. Apart from the €14 million investment, Bay Street Complex has been hosting several themed events and entertainment experiences for all ages including bringing to Malta one of the UK’s top escapologists and hosting performances from Malta’s X-Factor finalists among other initiatives.

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