Cortefiel’s story began in 1880. The brothers Felipe and Rufino García Quirós inherited a haberdasher’s shop. After forty years, the haberdasher’s shop inherited in 1880 had become three shops in Madrid under the name Almacenes Quirós. These supplied the city’s dressmakers and seamstresses. In 1946 the family decided to replace the name Quirós with Cortefiel, with the idea of exchanging the store concept for that of a tailoring business. Cortefiel became a pioneer in innovation, using the same mass production technique for shirts to make men’s suits.

The first men’s suits with the Cortefiel label were produced in 1946. This was when Cortefiel took off, becoming a recognised brand and leaving behind its more industrial past. In the seventies the brand continued to reap success and international recognition. In line with the brand’s bold nature, in the 90’s Cortefiel embarked once more on international expansion.

Pedro del Hierro – Shop in Shop

Pedro del Hierro is a Spanish fashion brand with a true designer heritage pedigree. It was originally set up as a couture house by the famous designer Pedro del Hierro himself in 1974. In recent years, the company was sold to Cortefiel Group but it retains the designer’s sense of style and vision. In 2007, the company undertook an international expansion growth project and can now boast a widespread presence being present in over 42 different countries.

The Pedro del Hierro name continues to be renowned across Europe for creating luxurious prêt-à-porter collections that exude Spanish and European culture. The brand is proud of its Spanish heritage and incorporates a sense of Spanish tradition, art and culture in each collection whilst simultaneously looking towards modern trends and ideas across the world. The brand houses womenswear, menswear, footwear and accessories.


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