Accessorize was first born in 1984 with its debut store opening in the Piazza, an old fruit and vegetable market in Covent Garden, London. It acquired the spot next to Monsoon, which had a small area of accessories but was always selling out.

The idea of a standalone accessory concept was born.

It was a move inspired by Peter Simon’s trip to Les Halles, Paris. While he was wandering around the area, he discovered a small selection of stores selling fashion jewellery that customers could pick up, touch and try on while browsing – a relatively unseen concept in London in the early eighties.


Matrix is a leading local retailer of entertainment systems, computers, cameras, gaming and gadgets. The Matrix outlet is a convenient stop for all things tech, with friendly and highly knowledgeable staff on hand to help match you with the right devices at excellent prices. As part of the reputable and long-established Forestals Group, Matrix also delivers an efficient and dedicated after-sales service which is so essential in the world of devices and gadgets.



DOLCE offers a great selection of ladies’ latest fashion footwear. From ballerinas to high-heels, from casual to dressy, at DOLCE one finds a wide variety of shoes that pleases all tastes at very affordable prices.   Look no further.  If you need any style of shoes, DOLCE should be your number one preference for footwear!


Zerotwo specializes in the latest fashionable bags, all-seasons footwear, belts, scarves, accessories and costume-jewellery for women of any age who
dare to be different and stylish. Zerotwo – an exhilarating experience for YOU!


Misto houses two very well-known Italian brands, Mario Valentino and Rocco Barocco handbags, belts and purses.  One can also find an interesting selection of affordable unique clothing pieces as well as scarves, hair accessories, underwear, and sexy lingerie.


Trendy, affordable sunglasses and watches with an almost infinite choice are what you can expect from the Eyeconic outlet within the Retail Lounge Level 0 at Bay Street, St Julian’s.

Eyeconic has over a thousand different models of sunglasses on display, apart from an impressive array of watches.

The sunglasses collections include X Loop, Arctic Blue, Biohazard, Locs, Manhattan and Choppers for the men, whilst women are spoilt for choice with Giselle, VG, Romance, Black Society, CG and NYS. There is also a selection of over-the-counter reading glasses with a similarly large choice of frames.

The watches, which come in the €18-€65 range, include fashion watches, classical or dressy, colourful pieces, metal finishes and sports watches emblazoned with bezels and split timing options. There are two main brands, Y & K for the men and Yaki for women.


DOLCE Plus offers young men and women affordable trendy clothing as well as a vast selection of ladies’ casual shoes and a vast range of men’s footwear.


First set up in 2001, Goldenpoint offers a wide range of socks, tights, leggings, underwear and swimwear for women, men and children. The successful retailer strives for constant improvement, paying the utmost attention to innovation and high product quality and putting the consumer at the heart of its business. That is why Goldenpoint prides itself of offering a wide range of options to suit all tastes. Goldenpoint opened more than 500 shops in Italy and over 40 shops in major cities abroad since 2001, addressing the needs of diverse markets, from Dubai to St Petersburg, from Beijing to Belgrade.


Its wide range of clothing collections include the popular jeans range as well as a wide selection of accessories for men, women and children. Founded by brothers Paul and Maurice Marciano in Los Angeles in 1981, the upscale brand and retailer directly operates over 1000 stores across the US, Canada, Asia and Europe


Liu Jo’s creative philosophy is devoted to enhancing the femininity and natural beauty of every woman. Its designers work energetically and enthusiastically, endeavoring to propose modem and attractive creations, characterized by the unmistakable identity – a dear, recognizable stylistic trait, supported by a production standard combining the selection of the best materials, and a careful and focused selection of details.